• Kjellupa

    #15 Kill it! Kill it now before it breeds!

    • no1mini

      you'll have to wait for it to hit puberty before you need to worry about that…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-Suarez/100001395732950 Greg Suarez

      Breed with what? Itself?

  • Semper

    #3–are the kids massive or is granny absolutely tiny?

    • Its-a me, Mario

      most grannies dont make it to old age and still be 6'4

      But Im just guessing

    • A crane

      she looks like she has no lower body, freaky!! mean looking granny!!

  • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

    #1 I would have suggested green body paint and purple cut offs and breaking furniture, but I believe in go big or go home.

    • Deep

      thank you for all your effrots that you have put in this. Very interesting information. Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can. by Elsa Maxwell.

  • G Monie

    Lol #12- 7 Guys, 6 girls. I guess they all arent as great as they think…

  • equalizermax

    #8 – tonight he can now enter inside the tent

  • _HypoLuxa_

    "The Code of the Meniscus" … I'm totally gonna name my band that.

  • rawnoyz

    #5 – is that michael phelps?

  • http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com Split Testing Tool

    is this real life?

  • Hypno

    #11 IS Ryan Seacrest. No Shit.

  • Coldzilla

    Aw man I miss school…………sorta

  • Sara

    As a teacher this stuff happens all the time. it keeps the job interesting.:)

  • JackMeoff

    #11 It's just Pat!

  • Just call my name

    #12 Far left looks like Micheal Phelps.

    • Akula

      Cobra Kai prom picture…

  • Mgles

    I love it.

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