• http://twitter.com/orchidfiend @orchidfiend

    Adam Sandlers Bull Dog!!! Thats my fav. anyway.

  • peanut

    #14 Nicole Richie's adorable dog. My fave

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  • Alexandra

    #7 I want to choke her with that dog's wig.
    I'm so jealous of that turtle. It's illegal to own one as a pet in my province which I mean I understand but I freaking love them.

  • John80

    As a guy, the only acceptable choices are #11 and #13. Why do girls carry around these ugly fluff-balls?

  • http://therealfussyfoodie.blogspot.com FussyFoodie

    13 for sure. All the other ones are cute, but I prefer large dogs. Any cute Great Dane pics out there?😀

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