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  • charlottej

    Except for the boob pic and an occasional duck lip[, I really don't see what the big deal is. People in other parts of the world stretch their lips or earlobes—or paint themsleves or burn themselves for the sake of beauty. I mean what's so odd about Americans going primitave? Isn't that what's going on? are you being judgmental? LOL

  • Dinker

    YOur right what is the big deal, Kids get tatoos up the wadzoos. piecings on their privates.Scarifications, Why shouldn't people be aloud and proud of their blimp lips. Skin stretched so tight it gives me a headache just looking at it.

  • Kristin

    Is anyone else wondering how Heidi Montag went from "Brand New Plastic Everything" back to her old self but with bigger tits? I mean, I know these people are fake masters, but how do you fake plastic surgery like that? Seriously!?!

  • Dayna

    What is with all these females looking like ducks. With their lips sticking out! Doesn't anyone know how to smile any more?

  • Kate

    Is it just me, or does #10 look like she's got one of those inserts for post-op mastectomy patients for a left breast?

  • Pachesshali

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  • Jennifer G.

    OMG! What's with all the support on #2? Her lips may not be as bad (still bad in my opinion and possibly could keep her afloat above water) as the others posted but her eyes look crazy and long, makes me want to stick a coin in those eye slits! Kendra #21, I actually think looks pretty natural in these photos (note the photo on the right is the after Truth.inc), possibly just had a nose job and a small amount of filler in the lips at this point although I believe she's had another nose job since that makes her look older and more rigid. I'm surprised they didn't show her breasts because that's a whole different story! Her cheeks seem more prominent in the after but it could be because she's very young in the before and hadn't lost the fat from her face.

  • KAT


  • Donnie

    Ohhh weee, way too much ugly! Scary is more like it. Give a girl nightmares. ~~shiver~~

  • NHP

    Why would anyone want to put what looks like someone else's asshole in place of their lips?

  • Unuttommoke

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