• diarrhea

    #23… Where did +1 go? This isn't a work of a nerd, it was done by an wannabe nerd!

    • Vincent

      I noticed that myself. You should be dividing both side by (no+1) and getting study=fail. I'm guessing they wanted to end off with no study=no fail, which really isn't any more funny than the correct answer.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ianwallace76 Ian Wallace

      The (no+1) was removed from both sides, then both sides received (no).

      • diarrhea

        Ultimately, ya the whole (no +1) was removed from the equation, but you can't get rid of +1 while keeping no in the ( ). I'm an Asian nerd, I know what I'm talking about.

        • diarrhea

          The correct answer should have been Study = Fail.

          • Danno

            you can multiply both sides by the same variable though. I agree this wasn't well explained, but multiplying both sides by no is equal to multiplying by 1.

          • Jasemin

            Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable suorce? Oh well, gj!

        • Byah

          Too bad when he removed the (no+1) he was dividing by zero…
          Looks like he should have studied a bit more.

  • 8888

    fail is not equal to study, therefore you can not do what someone did in #23

  • Shiyan

    I tried to solve number 19 but can't make out the full equation. Sad? I think not! lol

  • NF5

    Where can I get the clock in 17?

    • diarrhea


      • Danny P

        WTF is the internet?

  • equalizermax

    #26 – is EPIC

  • Mr.Raager

    I love how everyone here commented about the math problem. lol

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  • http://mattsh.shutterfly.com mattsh

    I hate to point this out, but #15 is not the correct formula for caffeine. Now, I am no chemist, so maybe the formula is for something other than caffeine, but since every thing is correct except that the single bond Oxygen on the far right should be a single bond CH3 methyl group, I am guessing that it is not.

  • robsterling

    #14 – I wear French cuff shirts, MUST HAVE those cufflinks!

  • isawthisonatshirt

    Integral of 2x dx from 10 to 13😛

    • Ballzonya


  • guesty

    1-876-8000, but it is hard to make out powers, so I assumed they were all squares.
    and ~ $535.494

    • unguest

      Actually it is closer to $537.494

      • Jeff

        Actually, it's .002.

        sum(1/(2^n)) as n approaches infinity is 1.


        How you got 537.494 is beyond me.

  • Coldzilla

    Im sorry but when life comes down to #13 its time to step outside

  • Greg

    #4- Can't wait till the computer monitor falls on his face

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  • Marilyn

    It IS a methyl group, you can't see it because the camera can't reach it -_-;; You can clearly see that that's not an O though.

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