• parisii

    Thank God for Friday's.

  • espresso

    I would hide #16's shirt from him any day.

  • anna

    #31 LOL : D

  • jessie

    LMFAO…I love #31…great shirtless friday!..Best day ever!

  • bacon

    28 my gods

  • whoozle

    omfg #1 is beautiful

  • amandiola

    I love shirtless Fridays.

  • whatever

    Shirtless Fridays are great!
    But what's the guy in #12 doing with the table? That's somwhat disturbing….

  • kitkat49601

    Any of them can eat crackers in my bed anytime!!

  • ui**0

    #23 and #18…can either of you be my husband instead? haha

  • hissy242000

    # 29

  • Qwill

    It was great to meet you guys at my art eiibhitxon in . And the beach was the best ever. Looking forward to seeing you in New York. Safe journey!All the best, Charles

  • Alexis

    # 1 yummy want find what is name is. #30 his eyes are so sexy and he is hot. #18 wow he body is so sexy i wood like to put my hands all over him. # 29 # 20 # 16 i could love wake up to them very morning.

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