• Deutscher

    no comments? this was posted two days ago and i am the first one to say anything on it…quite interesting…what shall i say since everyone will see my comment before any others? that is unless no one else comments at all, in which case mine will have irrelevance since no one looks at this sort of stuff anyways…what am i even doing here? i don't like the berry as much as the chive to begin with…i guess i just got bored in this dreary morning after i caught the dreaded whiskey dick disease last night and couldn't perform…sigh…such is the shame of a collegiate alcoholic….o well, randall munroe is pretty awesome, xkcd ftw

  • 100&0

    The guy in #5 needs a double cheesburger, fries and a shake…every day for about a month. He is too skinny and his chest in the first picture looks freaky and deformed.

    • whatever

      true, but he's still hot!

  • Ashley

    All theBerry's posts make me hungry and horny and sentimental. This website is like the digital incarnation of the week before my period.

    But I love it.❤

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