• chubby

    Photo #1 is also a nice photobomb!

    • Julissa

      That addresses sereval of my concerns actually.

  • idonthave1

    hope #20 isnt lead paint chips.

  • Semper

    11 looks like he spent a rough night blowing coke

  • Mike

    First off good post but honestly some of these look like things adults did and are trying to blame on kids, some others like the old cell phone and computers look like they gave there kids some old stuff when they got new and other just look like a normal Thursday in a house with multiple young children.

  • angry

    way to just rip off all these photos from shitmykidsruined.com

    if you're going to steal their photos why don't you at least have the decency to credit them

    • ???

      it says RIGHT UNDER the last photo.

  • Coldzilla

    And this is why I have a dog

  • Trixie

    You would be amazed at how quickly this kind of stuff can happen when you just run to take a leak for 3.2 seconds. Especially when you have a devilish one on your hands. But I have to say some of these are pretty crazy. I know #15 is my three year old's favorite thing….What can I flush down the toilet this time? Good thing they're cute eh?

    • paul6012

      I raised two daughters, and never had a mess, it's called kid proofing the house…

      • Trixie

        Childproofing…hmm never thought of that. I'll give it a try.
        Whew! It's a good thing someone's perfect.

  • Randa

    This is why I'm never having kids.


    When I was that age and mommy was at work, and daddy was sleeping. My brother and me found my mommy's nail polish, and decided to re decorate the entire house.

  • Logic76

    my parents never took any cute photos of me and the mess I made cause they were too busy WHUPPING my ass for getting out of hand like that

  • kitkat49601

    All of these homes look like dumps anyways, except for #22. And I'm glad I never had human kids…just 2 with fur and fangs.

  • Jen

    you sir, are example number 1.

    • paul6012

      no, but you're protesting enough to show that you're too busy screwing off, and need your friggin' tubes tied.. I think your gene pool has become defective…

  • Shawn

    Everyone of these kids parents deserve to clean up these messes for not paying attention to what their kids are up to.

  • TDub66

    #14 and #16 Looks like my 14 year old daughters room

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