• Smoke

    #8 Is from AHHH Real Monsters!!!

  • Apostate

    LOL….The “It won’t suck itself” tat is GOLD!

  • moosepies

    13 is amazing

  • Sniper

    To eaches own. I am a lady with 17 tattoos. All in places that can be hid if I WANT they are very tasteful and very sexy. Some people just dont like tattoos and that is fine but you should not judge us that do whereas Im sure there is something about you we dont like. Now there are lasor options so you CAN get things taken off given it is not cheap. Having tattoos does not change anyone into trash or less of a person. I am an extremly giving person and have NOTHING but whatever I have I am willing to share. I dress nice and do believe I look like trash at all due to having tattoos. It is sad that people still sterotype people w/tat's. Given most on here are not "my" type I think most of the artwork is good. It just depends who has them and where oh and how you carry yourself. I like this article.

    • sniper

      typo…. I meant I dress nice and do NOT believe I look like trash…..sorry :^)

  • zaljereck

    28 and 29 are very very well done!!!

  • HelloYou!

    Haha:) 'I mean #26 ofc:)

  • Emily

    some of these are really awesome. im getting the idea that the album creator is anti-tattoo.

  • Bob Plant

    This emily is a tattoo hater.

  • AzzMan

    #31 i dub thee, easy rider…

  • Silent

    Tramp stamp LOL

  • Alex

    # 29 is actually pretty awesome! :)) Ithink it is very well done! :)) -just needs a little touch up, colors look a little faded:)

  • Hooleyman

    #11 #12 …. lol

  • wellhellothere

    #12 is a poor attempt at photoshop. Fake.

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