It’s all food play (23 photos)


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  • whatever

    ohhh……I am drooling.

  • Butterworth

    PACMAN PANCAKES Hooray. TEDDY BEAR pancakes Hooray. Where's Aunt Jemima? Where's Mrs. Butterworth.? I need you. Hurry. Hurry.

  • loudpurplehair

    lol love the colonel out of kernals

  • @lisabnyc


  • Martin

    I want to eat…. hungry ;-)

  • Shayna

    #21 isn't food art, it's a sculpture by Tony Matelli. It looks like meat, but it's really cast aluminum, bronze, urethane, and paint.

  • hairybabychest

    totally stumbled… now i'm hungry…fuck..thanks alot stumbleupon!!

  • Jesus Dimaala

    wahahahaha! i loooooooove it!!! Stumbleupon!!

  • MsAnonymous


  • Steven Anderson

    Th Burger King with ketchup was hilarious!

  • doodler

    the burger king was epic & all the pacman stuff was funny. i did love the little kitty pizzas though 8)

  • Audrey

    wow that is the most amazing and delicious looking thing i have ever seen in my life lolz i especially love the peacock cupcake

    • LiveLove

      Mt favorite too! its to pretty to eat

  • emon

    Munchies . I'm so hungry !

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  • Rosochka Crotton

    I'd like the packman lunch!!

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