Afternoon eye candy: Harry Shum Jr. (27 photos)


It's your lucky week... The hot men of 'Glee' are being featured every day in Afternoon Eye Candy (only to be interrupted by Shirtless Friday, which doesn't suck...)

Click HERE for more ‘Glee’ eye candy!

  • livenlove

    any one see glee this week. *asian kiss*

  • katy

    i think im going to start watching Glee

  • Jenny

    YAY GLEE! i'm so glad you are doing glee men! THANK YOU!

  • marriage and sex

    I'm with Katy , suddenly Ive gained an interest :)

  • nymphetamine

    hes soo cute <3 im in love

  • JessXi

    #15 why can't all boys dress like this!?! He is the only reason I ever watch Glee.

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