• Dan

    Darwin needs to get to work!

  • equalizermax

    #24 – ew!

    • skeech15

      Its called shooting the boot. Ruggers do it when they mess up a song during a drink-up. When I had to do it, it was out of a cleat that some dude just used to play rugby. gross but all in good fun.

    • Megan

      DAS BOOOOOOOOOOT!!! (beerfest)

    • johnny


  • Frozen in AK

    #14… Is that in Anchorage, AK??

  • This Is Me

    #15 looks stupid, sure, but it's pretty common to do that when parking the truck overnight in an area where icing is common.

    • http://www.voiceonvoices.co.uk Pyp

      I have seen all sorts of vehicles that use the cardboard method for keeping the ice off their car, or even old blankets.
      Better then standing around for ages trying to get the ice off the car, truck, van etc..

  • Beltes

    #18 is in UAE, where immigrants are paid about $0.12 a day – and that is how they have to wash the windows – the only lack of thinking is in the owners who only see the bottom line, not people.

  • the wet bandit

    13-Dumb and Dumber

  • Raknar

    The hand reaching for a beer in #1 is actually a former tutor of mine…. partly responsible for teaching us Health and Safety stuff regarding electricity.

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