• mskris

    #28 That's why i don't listen to the crap on the radio

    • Rafaela

      its amazing, the more mnanoda works out ect the worse she looks. if she was 20 lbs heaver she would still look great for her age. i bet her husband turns the lights down real low

  • Trixie

    …bows down to Zeppelin. I'm not worthy.

  • Rosie

    While I love Led Zeppelin as well that's not really fair. They pick one of the best songs from the 70's from one of the greatest bands ever and compare it to a new group with their first hit. People forget about all the crap that came out in the 70's and don't compare any of that with the good stuff from today. Let me just throw out a quick one.

    Kung fu fighting…Anyone remember that horrible song from 1974?
    Compare that to absolutely any Coldplay or Radiohead or Muse from today.

    I'm tired of hearing about how awesome music used to be and nothing today is good. People don't remember the songs that were only popular in the 70's and only recall that ones that lasted until today. There is a reason those songs lasted till today. They are great, but there were a hundred bad ones for every great one then and it's the same today.

    Let's pull off the rose colored glasses and be realistic and stop lambasting an entire generation of music just for the bad ones you can pull out and parade as examples.

  • Ava

    Why do ugly people, like the ones in #6 think they are so attractive??

  • emily

    I hate my generation, and im being completely serious.

  • No/LessHairBetter

    OK…sorry…but ALL I see in #17 is a big bushy hairy ARM PIT!! Geez…Boys…please AT LEAST TRIM that stuff! You want us girls shaved all over to the point of looking like a pre-teen little girls but you do NOTHING with all of your body hair. It goes both ways!! Seriously ladies??? Do you really find a hairy armpit and all the other hairy man parts (back, butt, the whole crotch area) sexy??

    • Lau

      I do. That's what makes them MEN, we have hair on our bodies for a reason. I happen to like hair on guys but everyone has different tastes. Lol BUT I wouldn't mind a little trim in the genital region:)

    • megan

      Didn't really notice his armpit hair… i focused more on him looking super sexy in bed!!!:)

    • lena

      I am repulsed by guys who shave their body hair. I think it's disgusting. So yeah, I find a man with armpit hair very, very attractive. Creeps me out if he shaves armpits or legs….*shudder*

      • lena

        Oh, and my ex had hair on his back, I didn't give a single shxx.

  • Krishna

    #16 Whom ever posted this must have had a shlreteed childhood. I totally remember these at the play ground when I was growing up. Busted my friends chin wide open with one. Which is why they started removing them in the late 70’s early 80’s.

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