• CPO_Mendez

    #1, 6, and 9. I like your secrets. They are mine now.

  • ginger

    I completely agree with #6.

  • Kelly

    I work at a bank as a teller. It is the single most depressing job in the world. All day long I get yelled at for stealing peoples money, messing something up that I never had anything to do with, deal with the stupidest questions on earth, and then more yelling. It has ruined my sense of faith in humankind. And just when you really bond with a customer and come to like them, you have to tell them they are over drawn and won't be able to make rent this month. So yeah, please yell more at your local bank teller. We are heartless people. Thanks world.

  • Tag You're It

    I love #3. I don't work at a bank, but I totally agree with that statement. Just living life and daily encounters with people and working anywhere and having to deal with people makes me feel the same way. There is NO DOUBT that there are more bad than good people out there now. Humans are regressing instead of progressing. =/

  • Slaine

    #7 should of prob done the skinny dipping before being dumped shows she is just a tease
    neighbour videoed it and now she will be all over the web ,, who is the one laffing😀

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