• Locode

    #21 is kinda creepy.

    • Soulfire

      They definitely look to be plotting something.

  • http://www.stumblingoverchaos.com/archives/10624 Stumbling Over Chaos :: Linkity limps along, even after another crazy week here!

    […] Kitties and babies/toddlers. My sympathies are with the poor kitties! (Thanks, Jase!) […]

  • Friedrich

    You dared me not to smile, I didn't.

  • Kava_D

    Love #5!

  • Sally

    I don't think it's cute when a child is allowed to have a choke-hold on a cat, or allowed to set on a cat. Usually When children are allowed to hurt animals, when the animal fights back, and scratches or bites, the animal is abused or gotten rid of. You don't see all that in a picture.

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