• xtc


    That is absolutely disgusting😦 I hate liars, and that's exactly what these women are!😦

    • Pufffdragon

      Mc Donald's burgers are disgusting and never look like they do on the commercial too
      But you still eat that shit!

      • xtc

        then I feel sorry for your fat😦 Haven't touched that shit in decades:)

        • Porno master

          So basically you look like shit all year long? Glad to know.

    • Spivias

      i don't think you can find a hot to the bone women on earth who isnt wearing make up

  • osborl12

    #3 is still ugly after the makeup. # 8 was cute before the makeup.

    • Guse

      Agreed on #8. On a side note, how do you get these women to agree to this? "Hey, uggo! We want to take a picture of your ugliness and make you actually look pretty so people see how great we are!"

      • Ava

        Uh, they get normal women to put makeup on, simple. You think some of those hot models are ever seen without makeup? Nope! They are selling a fantasy, that they always look like that. Haha silly boy.

  • Chris

    I see more photoshop than makeup!

  • BigDingo

    Gotta say, some of these aren't fooling anyone

  • Onlunch

    #8 does it for me. Clean out of a hot shower and a way we go.

    Hey whats up? @ the chive we get a pic when we put # followed by the number. Let get this gallery fixed

  • http://www.mikehodson.ca Big Mike

    It's a combination of Make-up, Photoshop and lighting. How much of each is up for discussion.
    As a Photographer, I know that a good make-up artist can be worth their weight in gold (as can a good 're-toucher' and good lighting skills).

  • Bwaxxlo

    #6 not bad in the before

  • top dog

    I made the fatal mistake of watching a woman remove her make up once, just once. I swear she transformed right in front of my eyes, scared the shit out of me. After that date, I'll never do that shit again. I started telling em to just keep the make up on, I'll wash the sheets, it was worth it.

    • Ava

      Don't date ugly people, you know the girl is really ugly when the makeup is heavy on their faces. Duh!

  • Locode

    3, 4 & 8 are worse with the makeup.

  • bill


  • Ben

    This should really be before and after makeup & photoshop

  • bbb

    3, 4, 8 and 10 are better without makeup…

  • ally

    Why can't they do before and after without Photoshop? Still figured make-up didn't do the trick? I wanna see real women :-

  • tom

    i;d definitely bang 8 and 12 before the makeup

  • amandiola

    and people wonder why girls have self esteem issues. We're showed day in and day out photoshopped pictures of "flawless" skin that is not attainable. I call B.S.

  • blabla

    Nowadays more and more girls use makeup or/and undergo a plastic surgery to cheat guys.
    Unfortunately girls want to look like those one in magazine or stars but most of them are photoshop, makeup and undergo a plastic surgery. All because of the pressure of the society.
    That's why especially in dance club during the night you can be fool by girls but the day after you wonder why a monster is in your bed and where the fairy goes…
    Unfortunately it's the same

    • cas

      i dont think girls wear makeup/undergo surgery to "Cheat" GUYS… Its a self esteem issue and unfortunately a competition of outer beauty. But i can see the point you're getting at.

    • Liss

      Maybe they'd feel compelled to wear less make-up if douchebags like you didn't refer to them as "monsters".

    • dls57

      I have always worn makeup. There is a huge difference between those girls before and after. Makeup can not make that much difference. Those photos are retouched and more. I never have done anything like this. Makeup is to simply make small changes and that's all it does. Do you have a tiny bust, say an a-cup? My daughter did. She was made fun of for years.. She had surgery and came out a size D. I didn't think think it was necessary, but I don't walk in her shoes. Sadly her self esteem has soared because society is so into appearances. This need to look like a model has caused girls to kill themselves. I feel revulsion for the people responsible for these lying photos.

  • thrashchick

    This is why I don't wear makeup, aside from special occasions. There's a fine line between masking flaws and transhumanism. Oh, and gotta dig this haircut.

  • Lugnut

    I love how #1 went and got a nose job between shots.

  • Erica

    Whats the difference between a hot girl and a cute one?? The cute one is still cute in the morning:)

    • V4Vendetta14

      Cute right out of bed beats hot with 3-4 hours work any day!!!

  • Cthesandman

    I think #12 was a hottie before and after, but mush more so after.

    • brian


  • Jim

    #12 needs a post!!!!

  • Tag You're It

    I Know PLENTY of MEN that NEED makeup and NEED to be photoshopped TOO!! Double Standards Suck!!

    • Rae


  • McBeastie

    misogyny; it's not just for asian women anymore…good to see some progress at theChive offices.

  • dls57

    Every young girl who thinks she can never look like fashion model needs to view these. They are awful. It's not the girls so much as the fashion industry, who do not care if a young girl is self loathing for how she looks . Makes me feel better about myself, even though I am an older adult.

  • testington

    Honestly with a lot of these you just wonder if they makeup artist chose them to showcase their skill. Otherwise why bother, just start with a prettier girl and save time and effort. I know many girls who are beautiful without makeup

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