Best photos of the week (52 photos)


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  • Diana Santos

    #4 and #10….love that B)

  • bums0rizer

    Who's that hard gay at #50?! :-D

  • Girly Gurl

    LOVE #50!!!!

  • mmmnumber19

    who is #19??

    • katie

      darren criss?

  • Ashley

    Conannnn. <3

  • Yanik

    It is pretty amzniag how effortlessly you can cook for a crowd, mom. But I firmly believe that your success has much to do with your having people over philosophy. Take the stress of entertaining out of the equation and, as dad would say, that’s a game-changer. Things I’m taking away from this post: 1) Get organized and 2) cook food that is either simple or that you know you can cook well. I will certainly refer back to this post in the future when I have 50 people over to my house for the first time!

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