• misschris

    #1 #2 #3 #11 #13 #16 #21
    I thought these were cool – really good art. :-)

    • Ken

      #21 too!

      The Cheshire cat tat is very kewl.

    • http://www.facebook.com/moecottrell Moemoe Cottrell

      very, very , very nice tat i can do this one !!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    #6….i dont even know what to say…o.0

    • Beltes

      My first thought was, 'Oh…crap.'

    • hot carl

      my first thought was 'i'm in love'

    • defrostynating

      Mine was "man.. that tattoo is shit" .. then i wanted to punch myself for thinking of such a horrible horrible nonjoke.

    • V4vendetta14

      WHY??? I wouldn't even want to know the story that went behind that tattoo.

    • rick

      this tattoo was done by her at the time boyfriend who found out she was sleeping with his friend,.she wanted a back piece so one night he gave her some wine and had her sign a consent form stating all work was at the artist dissgression and he tattooed a big pile of steaming shit to let her know what he thought of her.(she sued him and lost because she signed the form)

      • redfragglebiker

        Rick – nope that was a fake story! Don't know the real one but the myth of her boyfriend tattoing it as revenge is a hoax (google is your friend!)

  • Andrea

    Does number 11 have a pile of shit on her back? wtf?

    • Ken

      #11: yup. Maybe some self esteem issues there, but maybe I just don't interpret the meaning correctly.

    • Brieanna

      No, It's a hand holding a candle with what I believe are butterfly's.

  • Megan

    #21 looked real!

    • http://alf.com Alf

      only one I liked

    • meghan

      this is cool, looks so real. i would have beat the shit out of him if i was there though, thinking it was a real spider * arachnophobia* lol

    • star7897

      I thought it was for a quick seconds too!!

  • ssf

    #17 stole that tattoo idea from my 7th grade notebook. Those are my doodles!

  • Joeyk

    Anyone else notice #16 darkened his glasses in his reflection to look "cooler"?

    • ----

      or hide his identity

      • HelloYou!

        I noticed too:)

  • Ken

    #20 That isn't a "Twilight" deal is it? [rubbing face with hands]

  • Roso

    Not sure which I like more, #10 or #12

  • thrashchick

    God I hate tattoos…
    This is pretty epic though, I must admit.

  • hi-lo

    #4 LETS GO LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!

    • VSi

      Doing quite well this season … not.

      • kingblc

        Go Spurs!

        • Leonel

          Spurs? Haha. Thats more pathetic than city. Go Gunners!

  • Gandalf..

    #20 – Edward will be so sad to see it on a boy's back….

  • yaneverknow

    #6 Do you want your shit back? No thanks, you can keep her.

  • Sand Worm

    #3, #11, #21 are all very well done. 11 is one that would look bad on many people but it seems to fit her style nicely.

  • Mike

    #19 #24 if these dudes were real "bad boys" they wouldn't need a tattoo to let everyone know.

  • beoliveiraa

    Was it just me or anyone else liked #1 too?

    • HelloYou!

      I did too:)

    • Faye

      I really like that one, actually I think I want that !

  • VSi

    #19 … i think it's a stupid tattoo but damn that is a good drawing of marlon brando and al capone.

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  • Justin

    #16 is actually cool since the artist did a good job with it

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  • Johnny

    Good Eye Joeyk

  • Emily

    some of these are actually kinda cool.

  • KYLE

    I've said it before, I say it now & I'll say it in the future, tattoos are just retarded

  • Zee

    Some of them are pretty cool, others well… they've got the rest of their lives to think about it…

  • Anthony

    I thought #14 was actually kinda original

  • bozzy013

    #13, #16 why? what a waste of tattoo ink

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