• drea

    aw how nice! i love um! cant hate on people living the life i hope to have some day

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Them are some nasty bitches…AND #7…Now he is one cry baby bitch…I would Slap his daddy….

  • IndyGirl

    The Adam's Family *snap *snap*

  • Brenmdanio

    LOL!! IndyGirl! I totally agree!! Adams Family moment… Someone please shoot the lot of them!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    why are NONE of them smiling… ? that's a sad Christmas card:/

  • Locode

    Bruce Jenner was smiling. Not that you could tell if he's smiling, frowning, grimacing….or anything.

  • whatever

    This guy #7, he looks like Patrick Bateman…creepy!

  • misschris

    They look SO pretentious! I think they're starting to take themselves WAY too seriously! lol

  • Mia2cents

    I LOVE IT! It’s reminiscent of the old glory days of the “Silver Cinema” and Hollywood. The days of Garbo, Princess Kelly, Claudette Clobert, and the other screen giants. I think it’s classy, elegant, and a nice representation of days gone by. Besides, it’s a million times better than the “tacky matching goofy sweater” christmas card or the “dress your pets to look stupid like santa or reindeer” christmas cards people make now a days, which are so common place. Plus, I bet the behind the scenes photo shoot and the getting together of their whole family was a unique and special occasion (would be a unique occasion) for any family, regardless of wealth level or fame. Heck, I’d love to have a functional family that could get together for such an event as a professional (or even unprofessional) photo shoot where everyone stands still long enough to even take a photo (without seriously annoying each other or having a verbal altercation that ruins the mood and ticks everyone off for months to come). So, I think it’s a GRAND Christmas photo idea.

    It would be nice if the elegance and refinery of Hollywood’s Golden Years (and this type of Family X-mas photo) were to have a comeback, but with today’s society, and it’s general lack of common respect and decency, I doubt that would be possible, as in general those qualities of elegance, refinery, and sophistication, would not be the ‘popular’ choice of the masses.

    Also, It’s unfortunate, that the pettiness, immaturity, and jealousy of some people show through so brightly in what they choose to say (or do) with respect (or more commonly, the lack there of) towards others.

  • Irene

    itsnot even close to xmas card..just like a family pictures

  • photokissa

    Why is Lamar missing?

  • winterice

    Dude(ette)s, have you ever tried to smile for a professional photographer? Don't you remember those high school/whatever team shots, where he had to take a ton of fucking photos and about four in you just ceased to care?

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