• Locode

    #15 is not a Time fail. It's pretty simple, the Editors choose their person of the year. The poll was simply to see who the takers of the poll thought might be chosen.


  • Locode

    #25. Perhaps there used to be a stream? I mean, it's not like it's some brand new bridge, it's clearly been there for a while.

    Why is it that the whole concept of thinking is so hard to grasp?

    • Andy

      Why is the concept of a joke so hard to grasp?

    • sixdeadelves

      or because bridges or awesome.

  • Carli

    The kids in #1 are awesome!

  • KMS

    #3 NDSU T Lot win!!!

    • KMS

      Whoops….I meant #16

  • naty

    # 5 very tender :*

  • naty

    #5 very tender :*

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