• zookeeper

    Another fantastic collection. Have you done a set of just Jake Gyllenhaal pictures? Now that would be hot!

  • naty


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    #24 looks like a friend of mine…:o

  • montez

    Thank you, berry, for understanding. <3<3

  • espresso

    Who is #15??

  • Ava

    We need nude male mondays!!!!!

  • Notebook

    #30 is Tyrese Gibson. He used to model and has been acting for some years now. He's been in Transformers, if you've seen the movies.

  • yh66600

    oops the numbers changed i meant #29

  • VampJenn

    Wow great post as usual Berry! and lets just say i would not kick #3 out of bed. yummy and #4. i love me some gossip girl men. you should do a "Men of Gossip Girl" post! that would be amazing

  • Lindsey

    'was watching 'The Great Gatsby' last night and was completely entranced by Robert Redford … think he needs his own gallery…. ; ) PLEASE!!!

  • Bren

    #23 Jim must have his own post!

  • Bren

    Another idea, Friday's Sexy Berries among us, like in thechive =)

  • hissy242000

    # 1 #7 #17 #19 and #22<3

  • Ashley

    Holy #26. I want a trophy boyfriend.

  • Antionette

    That is all…..

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