• VampJenn

    you should do a post of just Wiener dogs (Dachshunds)!! I have some pretty damn cute pics of my puppy to submit! lol
    Cute wiener dogs
    #21 #25 #30

  • naty

    #28 #19 #13 <3<3<3 cute!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Triathlynne Lynne Sandipants

    #31 Makes me miss my dalmatian SO MUCH 😦

  • amandiola

    #16 I heart them! I want one of my own so bad!

  • nerdmama82

    I love the doxie and the bulldog photos. I have a Minidoxie…they are the cutest ever!

  • Mirna


  • Shannon

    Everyone of those pictures was perfect. I love puppies sooo much<3

  • http://www.fajascolombianas1.com fajas colombianas

    They all look so precious.

  • Jalepepper

    I love both cats and dogs, but my big love is birds do you have any pictures of them? My favourite picture here was the Momma cat just finished licking her baby, too cute.

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    Karta dzwiękowa

    Daily awww: Dogs are best friends for a reason (33 photos) – theBERRY

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