• HeartUnderTheRose

    #7 and #21. ^_^

  • amanda

    #21 – what typeface is that?

  • MistressQZ

    Sorry Chive, but the Berry is becoming my new fav. I know some would disagree, but too much tits and ass is too much tits and ass.

    • mskris


    • ZTmg27

      Totally agree. It's becoming vulgar and Neanderthal at the Chive. Some of the BOYS that comment need a high five…ACROSS THE FACE!

      • paige

        I also agree!

  • naty Montero


  • http://anna-go-to-him.tumblr.com Anna

    I assume that's something someone screen capped from an on-line dating site, and I hope that the woman that received it wasn't offended. I actually admire that guy for telling her that she should be more confident in herself and that he finds her assertiveness (for lack of a better word) more of a turn on than whatever self-depricating information she put in her profile.

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