The amount of d-bag can’t be quantified (26 photos)


Click HERE for sunless tanner FAILS!

  • Patrick

    Nothing short of horrific. This makes me so sad for our future, but happy at the same time because most of these guys will eventually realize how retarted they look and the ones who do not…damn shame.

  • dave

    #4 & #5 is same guy. Can't the "situation" douchebag go out without raising his shirt to show is mediocre abs? I don't work out, am 15 years older and my abs are as good as his. #15 WTF?

  • + blitzk

    if that's the price you pay for being ripped, I'd rather stay fat and flabby as i am :)

  • naty Montero

    #6 jajja sorryxD

  • chong

    #24 …….ive got nothing to say bunch of virgins

  • doucheking69

    shes not even that good looking man.. ive done better.. and girls love guys who dress well,everything in this picture is from energie .. thats me in the picture i would know lmao ;)

  • zdrake13

    The Frog. Go to and they have a whole are dedicated to him.

  • Raven

    Look at the nipples in #23! Compare them!

  • cantkillcastro

    #4 – I hope this was a halloween pic…. but something tells me it was just pre-clubbin on saturday night.

  • kualjo

    This much douchebaggery is illegal in some states.

  • Zee

    #all.. these people don't really exist right? this is just a bad bad nightmare!

  • salvi

    It's a Jersey thing…haha southpark

  • Ameeratron

    D-bag or not, I think #2 is hot. =/

  • Curt

    you're a douche Diana

  • hissy242000

    who r those guys in #17 i have them on my photobucket

  • Chris

    #16 is typically on dirty…and southpark in the recent season. Can we spot some melanotan users in these? hahaha!

  • Cait

    #3 can we just talk about how his abs are not even nice looking? stop using steroids.

  • Mars

    #23 the one dude has giant nipples and the other has tiny ones, LOL

  • Tdub

    Um. Since #4 and #5 feature the same guy, does that mean that hes a double-douche?

  • CC101

    L-M-A-O .. Just Wonder What the HELL goes seriously wrong with people's Brains. Mind-Boggling.

  • Cierra Sydnor

    #15 apparently someones wearing their New Jersey Shore lip balm…

    and apparently he should take some steroids to grow some goddamn balls

  • Vintage.zombie

    Put down the sunless tanner and step away from the hair gel…

  • KHfan4evr

    #4 #6 #9Can you get anymore obnoxious.
    #8 OH really now?? I hope you didn't think you looked attractive… Duckface is really awful.

  • katie

    #2 If he didn't have the necklace and had his chin down he could be on shirtless friday or the hot men of the berry… he's HOT idc what you say

  • charlotte

    #26 Ed Hardy wine? now that's classy

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