• VampJenn

    OMG these are beautiful! love it #20 and #23 are simply gorgeous. i want beautiful cupcakes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    #24…awww❤ some are so beautiful that i dont know if i coud eat…:o

    • Mmmandiii

      Oh, they are pretty alright, but I would have no issues destroying them! lol

  • naty Montero

    #21I was not

  • Italo

    Why would aonnye believe what Mike Malloy says? What is his source for the allegations he makes? He’s the Mike Savage of liberal radio, way way out there and whacked out. Until the photos are released, if they exist, its pure hearsay from him. Just more BS without anything to backup his words. What proof do you have that Dick Cheney has an assassination squad? If you know for sure that he does, then you should be able to tell us where this squad is housed and the names of the members. Please advise.

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