• VampJenn

    he seems to have super tiny eyes for his face…. am i wrong?

    • Desert Cat

      No, he actually looks like he may have had to wear one of those special helmets to his special class. And yes…. I AM going to Hell for saying that. I don't care.

      • chesirekitty

        hahaha!!! That's funny!!! But I would still do horrible things to his special ass. I'm goin to hell for that too, guess I'll see ya there!

    • Tiffany

      @Vampjenn yes he does have very tiny eyes and I think that's what spoils an otherwise very attractive face. That's why he looks so gorgeous in sunglasses on BN. Look at him without the shades and with them. With them he looks like the sexiest, most handsome man. He has a really cute nose and sexy lips that go "up". If you notice, everything on his face is small; he's a person that has very fine features. But yeah his eyes are really small and messes up a face that couldve been perfect IMO. I also don't like in real life he dresses kind of dorky sometimes. I want Michael Western all the time (GQ)! Lol. Ok my nitpicking, talkative self is out.

  • cool

    Umm, yeah, he doesn’t do it for me. Plus he looks like an asshole.

  • Tif

    Nah, he's very charismatic on tape, gotta love Michael Westen:)

  • Jules

    Hot Damn! Where does he live in Florida? I'm coming by.

  • hissy242000

    this man is beautiful ,i love him, his style, his smile omg

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470425716 Diana Santos

    #17 wow..^_^

  • Ashley

    Ugh. I love Burn Notice, don't get me wrong (yes, I love admittedly terrible television), but he's not hot.

  • emily

    I love burn notice too. The only reason i watch it is because of him. Can't wait for tomorrow when a new season starts. I wonder what kind of yogurt he likes cause i love yogurt too.

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