• Laura

    awe. how sweet. :)

  • Eve

    so adorable =]

  • Izzy

    I went to UCSD with that guy! crazy small world

    • s.s

      me too!

  • http://twitter.com/thereisnohurry @thereisnohurry

    Gonna post this all over come Father's Day!

  • mimi

    edward sharpe ad ima robot forever :>

  • fred

    "one day im gonna whistle" ……..that was da cutest thing ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1468802629 Wanda Wieand

    I love this video…………its so sweet. :)

  • Ray


  • wade

    that is soo sweet, she's so adorable!

  • Lalu

    it was a stupid qtuesion and he wouldn’t answer it. I left the room because I couldn’t be bothered with dealing with that and it’s been practically silent ever since. I have just tried to talk to him about it now. Asked him to turn off the tv so we could talk and he just muted it. He said nothing was wrong with him but there was something wrong with me and he was just letting me stew until I got over whatever was bothering me. All the while still looking at the tv. That really annoyed me so I told him that but then he said that he couldn’t talk to me as I’m being aggressive. It’s a no win situation. He point blank refuses to accept that he has done anything wrong or even acknowledges that he’s upset me. In fact he told me earlier that he never does anything wrong. Writing this I think I am mad to stay with him but when things are great, they are fantastic and he’s amazing. And he’s not just like this with me. I have seen him give the same treatment to his sister and his mother. He doesn’t seem to want to change (even though he has admitted in the past that he knows this behaviour is destructive). To make matters worse, I know he has been in regular contact with a girl that he works with ever since he’s been giving me the silent treatment and that really hurts that he’s time to text her and be all happy and jokey with her but I get nada. (I don’t think there is anything going on with this girl but I think my bf likes the attention .sad for a man of 40!)

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