• Shelley Rickey

    Some were cute…most of them were just dumb as hell,I wouldn't have gotten any of them…too cheesy!

  • kay

    I think…it's their bodies so who cares? I have matching tattoos with my best friend from elementary school and it means a lot to me.

    A lot of these are cute tattoos, and everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon of hating on other people's tattoos lately. If you were to take the tattoos out of context of the "matching" you would probably like a lot of them.

  • whistledink

    Poster is a pretentious, judgmental ass. Really tired of pricks making fun of other people's ink. Most of these are fantastic. I bet you're just pissy because you'll never have a relationship worth this kind of devotion.

  • Ash -

    Did anyone else notice that #5 … um that isnt the wedding finger ?

    • katie

      Yeah I noticed wrong hands

  • dinohoodies

    ok, I know I'm a little late to comment, but these are all terrible ideas. it's going to be reallll cool when you assholes break up/get divorced/ stop being friends. nothing like having a permanent reminder of your failed relationship. and #4 is NOT cute. if I saw a guy with a heart puzzle piece tattooed on his ankle, I'd slap him and call him a pansy. matching tattoos = recipe for disaster.

  • fame777

    please tell me #1 is divorced now…

  • TehBOOM

    Uhm, I find nothing wrong with matching tatts at all.

  • Prprinsess

    I love # 19 really cute

  • niftynoodles

    #24, anyone else concerned that the dates don't match?

  • poppy

    #25 that's genious :)) CMYK & RGB =❤

  • Marie

    #21 is my fav

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  • http://www.harry-hilders.info/ Harry Hilders

    Haha, number 1 with the toasters is nice:)

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