• Hedge Raven

    #4 I totally dont agree with this. I am an organ donor by personal choice. My husband isnt. It is not right to wheel and deal with peoples bodies without their permission.

    • drea

      agreed that is totally fucked up and especially to take from someone who has already sacrificed so much, shame on that person.

      • ale

        yes!!!, horrible person.

        • ...

          i thought it was kinda funny

    • Loki

      I agree that it's wrong. If anything, it's putting even more grief and stress on the family because they have to pay for the organs to be removed.

      • Wisti

        We donated my mother's organs and didn't have to pay a dime…I'm registered to be an organ donor but this is just wrong. The fact that they are soldiers makes it an entirely selfish act. They're already being deployed, understanding they could lose their entire body over seas.

  • katie

    #3 Your family should not love or not love someone because of a persons weight. No one should weight to make someone love them, they should do it for themselves.
    #4 Messed up, you can only make that decision for yourself.
    #5 I am so doing this next time, maybe a picture

  • Natalie

    #4 is messed up. Some people have very strict beliefs about what should be done with their bodies after they die. I hope you stop and respect the wishes of those whose wills you write.

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