Who buys this stuff? (29 photos)


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  • effemel

    hahaha #7 was at one time a gag product from Thinkgeek.com and recently got them into trouble with peta or another animal activist agency for cruelty to animals

  • Jess

    #7 Ah, gotta love Think Geek. That's not what really comes in the can though…

  • http://www.coffeebuzz.us/2011/01/10/1-10-morning-coffee-turtleneck-sport-coat-edition/ 1.10 Morning Coffee: Turtleneck & Sport Coat Edition « Coffee Buzz

    […] I may or may not actually own one of these products. […]

  • Meeg

    #8 and #13 are awesome

  • MrCjv

    #29 Ok, this is pretty cool but for God sakes don't let it get hot or gooooo is gonna get everywhere.

  • Jazz

    A big WTF to all of these products, who is hired to come up with these things?!

  • Sophie

    #24 is a Persian drink. A lot of people drink it. I think it's gross, but some people have an affinity.

  • Jim


    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch

    #11 is a worth 1000 post – its a shopping contest website has so may awesome posts well worth checking out

  • LEL

    #6 Are actually pretty tasty!

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