• Zoey

    That is absolutely hilarious!
    I wish I could keep a straight face so i could do this to people.

  • Jake

    His name is Jack Vale, and he posts a ton of these kind of videos on YouTube on his channel (jackvalefilms). Also check out edbassmaster who does a lot of similar stuff.

  • dingleberry

    That's amazing!!!!

  • *,*

    I thought this would be funny but for some reason that guy really pisses me off with this prank. I was hoping for some guy to knock the shit out of him and stomp on his phone. It really becomes more of an invasion of privacy and body space instead of being funny. He wasn't trying to be funny or make those people paranoid…he was 100% trying to piss them off and ruin their day…obvious by the anger on some of their faces. What a jerk!

    • Hailey

      If this ruins someones day, I think they should be happy that they have a pretty easy life.

      • nine0zero

        That makes no sense whatsoever??!! Having someone follow you around, mimick you, get in your "space" and just be an all around ass wipe is not a "little" trivial annoyance. That's like bullying someone and that's the kind of person that needs a good ass kicking! Period! Hope it happens to you many times so you will GET IT!

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