• Peas_Out


  • RoJo

    Um, greatest post ever! Thank you so much for making my afternoon. I look at your site everyday at work (I am a receptionist). The Brandon Boyd pictures were to die for! I seriously inhaled for so long I thought I was going to pass out. haha. I am really not that crazy. It was just a breath of fresh air in a full day of bordem! Thanks again Berry! You are the best!

  • ale

    finally, rock cuties… do Brandon Flowers:)

  • RoJo

    Oh crap. Just realized I spelled boredom wrong. Sorry about that! The pictures are still nice, though!

  • random onlooker

    #23 #27 #30
    this man is amazingly beautiful *sigh*

  • VampJenn

    this is amazing! thanks for posting it! #26 is the cutest because its candid, he looks so happy!

  • Ashley

    I have wanted to marry Brandon Boyd since I was 12 (no exaggeration). He's smokin' hot, he's a brilliant musician and an amazing writer, and his art is absolutely breathtaking. He's the perfect man. Thank you for this post Berry😀

  • Meg


  • amandiola

    Ahhh what a marvelous eye candy he is, keep up the good work, ladies!

  • Esther

    I used to listen to Incubus all day long, Brandon is such a great artist!

    Thank you for make my study day a little bit more interesting:)

  • montez

    I requested this a little while ago and I must say…THANK YOU!!!! I was having a pretty crappy morning and seen this post and said, out loud, YAY!! Thank you again for making my day a little better.

  • Scarlet

    He is SO FINE!!! a musician, Vegan and artist! what more could a girl want:) Some Jackson Rathbone and Shiloh Fernandez might do😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/SuspiriaShakes Kimber Barrett

    I love these. I've got a big portrait of Mr. Boyd on my side. He's beautiful and i love his music and artwork.

  • Jessica

    He is my soul mate.

  • Azbay

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