• http://www.fromtracie.com Tracie

    So many cool things…I especially love the tree house and the crayon rings!

  • kyle

    alight globe goes on in other peoples minds as well we are not alone^_^if only bank balance would streach that far if someone can tell me how to make twenty dollars go into fifthy dollar worth of product that be a nother great idea

  • Jeanna

    Ooh I actually have the Owl ring from 15 lol. And then it got stolen, and then it was retrieved O_O

  • Jessica

    What do i search under on amazon for these??? Just tea sets? or what?

  • Veronica

    dude i dont know who you are..but you're awesome.

  • amberkboyd

    these are too lovely!!! i checked out ur dream home page too. how can i follow you or subscribe to your wonderfulness!??

  • http://www.iphonelovecentral.com IPhone 3g Cases

    That silver hand know is too scary.

    I think I'll pass..

  • http://www.darkerthanbluecafe.com Baltimore City Cafe

    That boat hammock is sick. Just don't doze off to hard.. or its over dude..

  • Cris


  • damagedcase

    Hand door knob is awesome

  • paperdollsforboys

    can you post a link for #10 please? Loved most of these. Fun dreaming with you.

  • selena

    kool!!! me and my friend luv them!!!!

  • 크리스탈

    I would be freaked out by that hand doorknob if I saw it at someone's house…!

  • http://www.sanderversteeg.nl Sander Versteeg

    very inspiring

  • http://www.techoncept.com Muhammed Awais

    Number 7 is good, Happy Kids:-)

  • http://www.decor-rent.com Paul

    great pictures !!!

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  • Stephanie

    #14 YES!!!

  • jjjj


  • Here
  • http://bionutritionalresearch.olhblogspace.com/?p=1165 » Blog Archive » Stuff You Don’t Need, but Want!

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  • http://www.smilingbluedog.com angie

    I love your collection. There are too many favourites to pick just one.
    However that see-through chair… oh, and the clock of clocks, but the hand door knobs…and um,
    thanks for sharing. (Going back for another look:)

  • Jay

    #9 is fuckin slick!

  • http://shuttur.com Shuttur

    Tree House is my favourite

  • http://yagoona.ch barbecue

    I love these things. I want them alllllllll!

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