• whatever

    #13 very uh gay. #25 who gives those kids weapons?

  • Gregatron

    #20 = amazing… you don't even have to get up to pee!!

    • Sarah

      Hang on! A washing machine in the bathroom! ?? WTH?
      (Is that even safe?)

      • Ashly

        Yes, it is perfectly safe actually. In fact a lot of people usually have their washing machines in their bathrooms because the water lines can all lead to the same room. Easier for the plumbing.

    • WhatWillBee

      No way id get in that bath, not with the evil glint in that cats eye…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Triathlynne Lynne Sandipants

    #30 Looks really good right now.

  • Abi

    #19 The aqueduct is called the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in North Wales. I used to do the commentary on the boat trips across it. It's over 200 years old, it's 126 feet high and 1001 feet long, yet its only 11 foot wide. That amkes it even more awesome in my opinion.
    Yay, the Berry!

    • Sarah

      Hahahah – Thought I recognised it! (passed it from a distance a few times on my way to Wales) – still – wouldn't catch me on it…ooooh no…

  • mali sapun

    #20 i don't see what could possibly go wrong
    #31 where is it? please find out

  • shuh

    omg Bookit!!

  • awesome sauce

    13 would be better if it wasn't for the creeper at the piano…

  • Sarah

    At first I thought someone had coffee stained the photo…

    I take it must've been for the Olympic games in days gone by or something?
    Anyone know the story behind it?

  • Mira

    #18 GIEF I want … ney, I need to live there!!!

  • WhatWillBee

    #17 = HAAAAAWT

  • Ashley

    #13 and #25 FTW

  • http://twitter.com/maelstromkcco @maelstromkcco

    #16 Ooh, get told.

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