Best photos of the week (67 photos)


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  • Kaiwatha

    i think #14 is much prettier as an auburn/redhead… she looks more bland in blonde

  • Diana Santos

    #64 yummy^_^

  • bubblerider86

    yep…i still <3 #4 and #22
    we can live happily ever after in #34 ;)

  • CC101

    S0.. I Have been following the chive for a little over a month now, and somehow just Now discovered the Awesomeness of the Berry. Ran by Ladies, Sexy Guys Instead of Girls all over every post, and pretty photography, plus! CC+The Berry = New Found <3 :D

  • strawberry

    Yeah berry is awesome :) cute guys, pictures of delicious food, nice houses…so on

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #62 will always be the one Well till he gets done fucking up her life…LOL

  • Skye

    #4 Hellooooooo. and ROCK ON #53

  • Ashley

    4 is gorgeous. I love the white forest house as well. This is a great collection of Best Photos Berry girls!

  • LRKG

    #65 – YOUR is possession; something that belongs to YOU. You're = YOU ARE. To me this ruins an otherwise awesome picture.

  • @_AngeLina_00

    LOL when i see… #50 and #57

  • peppermintX

    where can i find #4??? yum. :)

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