She is only 16 but might be the future face of fashion (23 photos)

Lindsey Wixson has taken over the fashion industry with her unique look and has booked major campaigns along the way. At such a young age, she has accomplished global success. It will be interesting to see how far she excels.


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  • Sonja

    she looks like an odd drew barrymore. shes pretty, no doubt about that. they just need to let her be a freaking kid and smile.

  • Jujubee

    When I first saw her- I was appalled. Jesus Christ, what has science done?, I thought.

    But she's growing on me.

    Kind of like an ugly fish that you grow to love, ya know?

  • filthygorgeous

    I'm not sure I understand why most of you are even reading a fashion section. If you can't see purpose and art in designers' couture creations or beauty in a model like this, you've got no right commenting. There are plenty of other websites where you can enjoy your pictures of Crocs, Jennifer Aniston and Ed Hardy.

  • Levitating

    if your tall skinny and you got enough hair ..then the photoshop will take care of the rest ….where are real people now >>>>because if you bypass the photoshopping they all hide away

  • Ashley

    God, all these people are sipping that haterade. She's made a career for herself at sixteen because she has a unique look and photographs wonderfully. Fashion models are not supposed to be girl-next-door pretty. They have to stand out in a crowd of generically beautiful women to catch a designer's eye. She looks like a model, not like your pretty cousin or the cheerleader you went to high school with. That's why she's successful. I say more power to her.

  • katie

    #3 im sorry but gaps are not attractive, they don't show personality.. they just look like like your a hillbilly (i had bad teeth, i got braces and fixed them, thanks mom)

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