• Sal

    Definitely #13 #17 and #18

  • Locode

    I think 90% of them at least hooked up.
    Especially #17.

  • forrealsies

    Well Lucy and Desi were married in real life…Duh.

    • Lau

      Thank god someone else on here was smart and realized that too lol. How can you wish they dated in real life, when they were married in real life.

  • Spencer

    No Elliot and JD?

  • Lau

    #12 would be one hell of a real life relationship.

  • Bakermum

    weren't lucille ball and desi married???

    • Lau

      Yup read three comments up:)

      • Alok

        Posted on Good info. Loose Park is easily the neisct park in Kansas City, however the Nelson Art gallery/Volker Park is my favorite night time park.For all the guys out there, if you’re out on a date, take your girl there and it’s in the bag.

  • Danielle

    where are corey and topanga?!

  • mysticalmagical

    Lucy and Desi were together though..

  • Meg

    And Jennifer Garner did date Michael what'shisface…

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrsharrisonford Erin Kolks

    #2, #3, and #16 did. #3, Desi and Lucy were married.

  • Ashley

    #17 is so funny.

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