Morning coffee (29 photos)


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  • Megan Campbell

    #13 tastes like poo. oily cake = grossness.

    • Chester Copperpot

      Agreed. It's nasty. Do not attempt.

    • Sarah

      Aww – thanks for the heads up – I was tempted to try it.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    I used to have #26! But some asshole threw it away, just like two of my My Little Ponies. Bastards.

  • Andrei

    #2 Lake Como, Italy. It was worth the trip.

  • Chester Copperpot

    #29 Cannot get enough of images like this. I sit on google earth all day looking at stuff. I love it.

  • Meredith Long

    #4 I <3 Marlon Brando like nobody's business.

    • smiler

      um…That's Paul Newman…*s*

    • pidfoxdorlep

      Ummmmmmmmmmmm, that isn't Marlon Brando. It's PAUL NEWMAN. YOU DORK

  • VampJenn

    wow #24 yeah just wow

  • VampJenn

    well i am a fan. lol yum

  • Lau

    #24 I loved you before you were famous and before anyone even knew your name <3

  • naty Montero

    #18 :p #24 hoooooooo cris:*

  • CC101

    #11 WHY Does it not matter what this man ever looks like? lol He was PERFECT for that damn role btw #28 HOW MUCH?

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