• cdnalor

    Beautiful woman, but blonde hair just doesn't look right on her. Bring back the "Dark Angel".

  • cuda

    #4 or #16

  • Rick

    id fck her stupider lol

  • mtella88

    How is it possible to be so hot always?

  • Sarah

    Get your smut off this site you twerp.

  • testington

    never really got her appeal to be honest. She seems like such a bitch and so unhappy all the time. And I don't like her half-asleep eyes, she looks terrible as a blond.

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  • Trent

    I think her 'look' is the same in all of them; hot, hot, and hot.

  • Bob

    #4 is the best.. She's not a great actress but she know why guys go to see her movies and gives us what we want.

  • wexxx89

    sexy and cute…perfect

  • RichZ

    Alba is among the world's best looking women –when she smiles. Without the smile, she's just slightly above average. Luckily, she smiles a whole lot more often than most good looking chicks.

  • Amelia K.

    She is perfect in every way, but the even better thing is that there is intelligence behind all that immense beauty.

  • banana flapjacks

    22 different looks and still 1 hot piece of ass that all men dream they could be with

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