Afternoon eye candy: Prince Harry (27 photos)


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  • Karen

    He is CUTE.
    Wasn't he the one who did the nazi thing though?
    That ruins it for me :(

  • Tanlatannante

    I think he's sooooooo cute!!!!! :)

  • Tramponline

    Harry is James Bond!

  • blau-violett

    omnomnomnom :3 He's so adorable!! <3

  • Lynne McNaught

    He's lovely :) We never see enough of him!

  • ale

    thanks!!… love Harry and cute british guys:)

  • testington

    soooooo much cuter than William

  • Judith

    his name tag says he's Harry Wales! explain

    • Soulieird

      Harry, Prince of Wales.
      His name and ruling country.

  • Ashley

    I have a huge thing for redheads, but he's not really attractive. Something about his nose, I think. Still, red hair = hot most of the time.

  • gloria

    just because his a prince doesn't make him cute, you guys are funny….:)

  • Liz Ryan

    So, so sexy :)

  • @LocksleyKate

    This kid looks like a very young Henry VIII.

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