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    • Kanji

      Chive creators. with your pirimsseon I ask that you please please PLEASE find more sweater puppies. tis the season gentlemen. warmth and fuzzyness. warmth and fuzzyness.

  • Lorena

    Oh, the memories! I lived for Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV, #1 it was one of my uvfoarite shows when MTV actually showed good things. #17 will always be loved by so many individuals. Luckily Saved by the Bell is still shown on TV to recap on your uvfoarite moments while growing up. Then there is #24, I read many “Choose your own Ending” Goosebumps novels and watched close to all the episodes. There was that, and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, those are what got me linked and obsessed with horror at my current age.

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