• VampJenn

    #31 is not real. its from disneylands ride the Jungle Cruise. i love that ride. I love disneyland

  • yarrowforyou

    #11 cutest thing i've ever seen!

  • Indy Girl

    Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming..

    • Kaileigh

      That was definetly the 1st thing that came to my mind!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #2 can save you 15% or more on insurance! And #9, #12, #15, #16, #20, and #28 are just too cute!

  • Lucy

    #22 is Bambi and Thumper

    • Lola

      I knew it I thought I wouldn't be the only one thinking that !!😄

  • http://www.thespottedcatcompany.com Amanda

    These pictures are so amazing!

  • http://amazing-creature.blogspot.com/ rico

    #8 mini me!!

  • irene

    i really really hate #2

  • Aneka

    Are you scared of lizards ? He's only small though and anyway I think hate is a very strong word !!!:)

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