• Matt

    Passive aggressive whiny ass bitch morons. At least have the balls to take a bat to the car — or key it, if it's a high end car, which will aggravate them more. Be aggressive aggressive!

    • ryeguy

      I leave a note and then punch out the drivers side mirror. That usually gets their attention, at some point they learn the lesson.

  • Hank Scorpio

    #6 is absolute BS. Unless you pay for that space, get over it.

  • This Is Me

    In case no one has posted the link: http://www.youparklikeanasshole.com/

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Double park on my ass I push have for years….

  • Lynne McNaught

    #2 looks like a picture I took last spring…… How would the berry get that if I didn't send it?

    • Lynne McNaught

      Nevermind. It's ALMOST Identical..it's even from the same van that was parked next to mine. I couldn't get in my drivers side because the guy had parked like a complete tool. Or women. We'll never know.

  • Brad

    There's an easy solution to all of this: move to Manhattan and you won't ever have to think about parking or driving or car insurance. Problem solved.

    • Aaron

      Why not just live in a real house with a driveway and a garage?

  • LeonardoB

    Dogshit under the doorhandle … they'll remember that lesson forever;/-)

  • ShadowMaginis

    ok it the space is marked as your then fine, they are assholes for taking it. But if its just a spot that you've been parking in for years or some shit, and not YOUR spot then FUCK YOU! I'll park where ever the hell i want!

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  • testington

    all of this "this is my spot" and "I've park here since XXXX" crap is from uptight people who have never had to deal with really bad parking. living down town near apartment buildings where people move in and out, or have company…ect every spot has a different car every night where I'm from, most have more than one car per day.

  • ryeguy

    #2 Those are cool cards, I think I'll get some made to pass out.

  • jimbo

    People need to relax. Who cares if someone parks on the curb. I've never seen a note left on a car by someone who freaked out over a bad parking job. It just isn't worth the time.

    BTW, if you spend hours clearing a parking spot and expect it to sit there empty ALL DAY LONG while you are off to work or running errands or leaving notes on peoples cars you really need to lower your expectations.

  • MacnCheese

    #31, lmao!!!

  • Hakkil

    Haha source of #34? Want to print HQ cards.

  • Ashley

    I agree with everyone's sentiment that if it's a public spot, it's fair game. Why would you shovel out a spot and then expect people not to park there? "Hmmm, which spot should I choose- the clear one or the one covered in three feet of snow?" This is like calling dibs on a seat in a public place. First come first serve, people. Welcome to America.

  • Fred Rogers

    when i saw someone park shitty and take up two spots in which i was gonna park in one i just slashed their tires. learn how to park assholes

  • stacey

    This asshole was taking my spot for 10 months and i just got so frickin sick of it that i took a bat,key, and spray paint to his car, the best thing was it was a super expensive looking audi xD asshole got wat he deserved and he hasnt parked in my spot since😀

  • Mandi

    Reading everyones complaints about shoveling out parking spots made me feel a little superior living in Florida.

  • Martin

    Dear driver, If you F**K like you park you will never get it in.

  • Erin

    See, now this is why I don't have a car. That's a whole lot of stress I've saved myself.

  • Dr.Benway

    Am I the only person who doesn't believe that routine confers ownership? Parking in a spot for a certain amount of time does not make it your spot. It's like a schoolchild whining because some other kid sat in their desk. Grow up.

  • Sank

    – Love love love!!! You are so good and so classy, Kelly. Beautiful peolpe. Each one is unique and fantastic. Love the one peaking through the cake stand. the one through the window is so so good. your colors are so rich, and real. I am your total fan.03/10/2011 8:50 pm

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