These muscles didn’t happen by accident (32 photos)


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  • naty Montero

    #25 JLO jjaja xD

  • fishnomz

    #1 thats what patricia richardson has been up to since home improvement ended

  • testington

    i was about to go to the gym after this…now I don't want to

  • LeonardoB

    What's with the brown shit? did somebody blow a gasket on their scutter pump?

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  • God

    The guy on the right in #17 looks hell of a lot like Bruce Lee

  • northerner

    No. Wrong. For so many reasons. Ugly.

  • Judith

    uh … no thanks

  • marge

    #6 think about it how would you react if you saw this woman at a water park

    • Masschine

      I'd walk over and say hello can I get you something?
      BTW #3 is Rebekkah Armstrong a former Playboy playmate who has overcome being diagnosed as HIV positive
      Every sport owes bodybuilding for training methods that help athletes excel and I'm not talking about chemically.

  • donyale

    #25 that is the best azz I've ever seen…THE rest is a whole lotta MAFUGLY!

  • hypnotherapy

    Well I respect all athletes, and you can see they put the hard work into their sport.

  • visualtranquillity

    26 is actually pretty decent.

  • Cierra Sydnor

    #25 Julia Roberts …eat your heart out

  • Dougas L

    Most of these looks cannot be achieved without modern pharmacology. There is a certain beauty and grotesque fascination into which the human body can be transformed, but the skin texture and appearance of the women, in particular, is highly unattractive and is almost sickly. It betrays a lot of dysfunction and pathology under that skin. I do appreciate and admire the drive that it takes to achieve this look, but it is not attractive but it is fascinating.

  • ILuvMyGSD

    The veins are gross, the bulging is gross and the manly facial features on women who consume too many steroids is gross. They look like men in bikinis. I have seen Drag Queens more feminine looking.

  • czoszeski

    #28 WE ALL LOVE ARNOLD!!! <3:D

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  • Jayaa

    Arnold is the only one who doesn't look ridiculous.

  • kevin

    I run a fitness/bodybuilding site and have to say only arnie looks good . I believe in natrual fitness no steriods and if you can tell me none of them are on steriods then I will walk nude around the empire state building

  • Colleen

    gross…just gross.

  • Sara

    This whole post disgusts me, but #25 especially.. WTF is with that ASS?!

  • Em.SG

    So. Anyone else mildly disturbed this morning?

  • surlymermaid


  • Oilfieldtrash76

    freaks on parade

  • Bob H

    #30, #31, Now that's just not right. This is an illness, now.

  • Puddin

    #25 Why do I have the uncontrollable urge to smack that booty? High & tight.

  • bodybuilding

    awesome post thanks

  • jaksf

    By accident? No. By steroids? Yes.

  • PTrefined

    It would be nice if when posting something like this that you add a disclaimer that these results are no where near typical. It takes years of dedication and more importantly lots of drugs for women to get that kind of body. Showing women that look like that only helps to spread the myth that if women lift anything more than pretty little pink dumbbells they will get big and bulky. It's simply not possible. Women don't usually have the hormone profile to make it happen. For the average girl that I work with we lift heavy very regularly and all any of the has built is an amazing body!

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