Long story short, she ends up getting plastic surgery (10 photos)


Click HERE for more plastic surgery FAILS…

  • http://dirtyhotproductions.com walter

    #8 dang! thats a wtf moment!

  • Louise

    OMG!! This girl is so pretty!!!!! I hate my ugly face so much!!! I plan to get 10 plastic surgeries and Idc what people say! I'M FUCKING UGLY!

  • Blake

    I keep reading "should have stopped at 3" "stopped at 5 or 6" blah blah…SHE SHOULD HAVE STUCK WITH #1

  • anon

    People should have to have a psychological evaluation before they get it. Also have to be forced to go to counseling/therapy for a couple years, before they take drastic measures(im talking about getting it for vain reasons. When they might not actually need it.) Usually when people want to fix the outside so bad.. there are some underlying issues. The outside pretty much manifests the fact that everything on the inside isn't alright. It's to bad that the internal was avoided by this girl. In return she showed the world how sad, and unwell she is. Hopefully at some point she faces those issues, or it will continue to snowball.

  • http://oleli.tumblr.com Alex Olazaran

    #8 when i got to this i went 'oh no' :/

  • minni


  • kelly

    i think it's her makeup and expressions that are making her look weird in the last few photos. lip injections aren't permanent (unless she has lip implants but those are removable). She was pretty to start with and gorgeous in picture 7.

  • Jazmyne

    Its called "Body Dismorphic Disorder" No matter what you do to yourself you still see yourself a certain way and with endless resources you try everything to make yourself love yourself.

  • egohater

    Of course. What can you expect from a country based on materialism and greed. "In greed we trust." Stupid, greedy, shallow Americans!

    • kelly

      this girl is russian not american asshole

  • So Sad :-(

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks best in #1?

  • Itsme

    Does anyone know her? Would be interesting, to txt with her

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