• livenlove

    i wish every day was shirtless friday… its a nice change from the completely clothed men i see here in wisconsin… so cold. but oh so hot. thanks berry!

  • Nicole

    TheBerry!! Why U N follow TheChive's format with sexy Berry's!!!!!!
    Please let us woman get in on some of that action!!!


    • Bianca

      Yes have everyday sexy men send in photos!!!!!!!

    • bubblerider86

      I've been on that bandwagon for ages now!! C'mon Berry "you can do it"!!

    • Diana Santos

      yeah,that would be awesome…but…i don't know if the guys have guts like chivettes to send..

      i will just wait they prove me that i'm wrong ^_^

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonanderelizalde Jon Ander Elizalde

        We have the technology.

  • bubblerider86

    Best Friday edition yet…..Is it ok that i hyperventilated a bit?? <3xD

  • Jules

    #33 Wow, Frodo got buff… and sexy:)

    • Atticus

      Haha… pretty sure that isn't Frodo.

  • Meghan

    i love #3! but i wish it was his full body!

    • Nick Tran

      He's from Smallville. Just search up Ian Somerhalder. You can thank me later.

  • anna

    #13 #19 #33 Sexy<3

  • Nymphetamine

    so many hot men so little time =(

  • VampJenn

    wow #4 is a sexy picture! yeah amazing. also i do love #3 he is so so hot

  • Jen

    I don't think it can get any more perfect than #18:)

  • Ivee

    #26 and #22 xD

  • Alexis

    This man made my mouth drop to the floor # 33 # 24 # 4 # 19 # 13

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