• Wavien

    #7 Leonardo Decaprio I believe?
    #20 That's a LOT of notes

    • napamamascribe

      Really? I thought it was Geoff Stults

  • knuckledonkey

    #26 Where?

  • Bree1912

    #4 Okay is the blonde a dude?? Barf!

    #6 Looks like an awesome place to be! *sigh*

  • napamamascribe

    #19 totally made me giggle

  • WhatWillBee

    #18 is ingenious!

  • bubblerider86

    #17 smart move

    • Sarah

      Aye – good advice – not something I'd noticed before, but true they were / are pants movies…
      (Maybe its the advertisin companys' subtle way of telling us the movie actually sucks!….?)

  • Claude M.

    Need the recipe for number 9


  • Diana Santos

    #15 cool costume ^_^

  • Quin

    Hey berry you should do a whole asian-inspired "i want to go there" thing if you haven't already:) #6

  • Marz

    #17 I actually liked good luck chuck…

  • RayRay

    #14 Shade Thames, London – Very cool!

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