• whatever

    #6 the classy monobrow!

  • Wavien

    #14 Emma Stone❤

  • napamamascribe

    #25 I think I should sell my house and live in those instead. I'd really be ok with that

  • Rita

    #23 i lol'd

  • testington

    #28 OMG those were the best, plus then you had an awesome helmet for your stuffed animals

  • notcutekids

    #22 loser loser loser loser

  • Chloe

    There is just nothing wrong with a Louboutin. Except that it isn't on my foot. #5

    • Chloe

      I mean, number 5 is cool. I meant #25

  • aznprincess

    #15…mmmmm..please may i???!!!

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