These products exist. WHY? (25 photos)


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  • Curry

    I'm not understanding what #9 even is…keychains?

    • Curry

      fail…I mean #10

      • Jacknife

        Those earrings are the cats ass!

  • Diana Santos

    #22 that's the reason for all "creations" above ^_^

  • Niels

    pleeease someone find out where to buy these things. Reply to this post with links!!

    • QWERTY

      Some of them at


    i approve #16

  • Brand_n

    FiveFingers are definitely pretty awesome, but that picture is fake.

    • Jules

      I have a pair of those in blue…You fail-

      • Brand_n

        If they do exist, why would you buy them? FiveFingers are made for outdoor/summer sports. Those are just some rip-off winter abomination.

  • Scrooge McDuck

    #4 i could never wear these… i have webbed feet

  • equalizermax

    I want #14

  • gok attack

    I want #8!!!

  • EJK

    #19 – Zomg I spent a night with a girl in college who had a can of that on her computer monitor. She said she got it as a conversation starter.

  • Bob

    #14…Stupid now, but awesome in the future.

  • slick

    #4 is a vibram fivefingers shoe. It's pretty much the most ground-breaking shoe invention since converse, and then some. I for one, want some.

  • testington

    who wouldn't want #3?

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  • Brittany

    Those are sexy, I'd def wear them!

    • Mandi

      I agree! I don't see anything wrong with those shoes at all!

  • H.

    Crazy! :D

  • freshfraser

    why is there bacon in the cleansing chalk???

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