• Butterz


  • Sizzle

    #15 is something I would do…:$

  • Diana Santos

    #8;#22 oh my dirty mind…:$ lol

    • JaneLane

      I actually read "boner shape" and thought who would buy boner shaped paper clips and then realized that oh right it says BONE shaped😀

    • duff

      you just have to love unintentional porn

  • Diana Santos

    #14 that was a real marriage..i saw in another site..crazy :S

  • glc

    #23 is mindblowing LOL

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #3 #7 is just fucking nuts Sooooooooooo

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Yeahbeer

    #22 LOL!

  • jtorresfuentes

    #8 Boner clips more like it

    • prabhath

      from where can we buy these clips..?

  • Sarah

    LMOA – thanks dudes – some of those were well funny – made my day 😀

    • Sarah

      OMG – meant *LMAO (Gosh it must've been a hard day if I can't even spell abbreviations properly)

  • Bill

    Women are whores.

    • Nine0

      Women can only be called whores after sleeping with men like you. They cannot be a whore by themselves…it takes being with a man to make them something nasty & vile, as you call it…a whore. So now Bill…what does that say about you and other men that think that way? Or is that too complicated for you to figure out?

      • Kidding

        wow, that was a mouthful. wink.

  • Arturo

    #17, I watched that rodeo live. Freakin' hillarious!

  • ben

    #12 – Interested ladies?

    • cara

      Interested in seeing how he's going to brush off the halitosis and milky white sweater he has growing on his tongue…NASTY.

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  • JFrost

    #15 Two friends named Jack? I guess it could happen, but this looks fake to me… like someone made it up and got confused.

    • kenzie

      That is not to guys named Jack. These texts were sent to Jack's phone. This is Jack's phone. So, only one Jack.

      • kenzie

        *two* sorry watching daily show

        • kenzie

          or idk. nevermind

  • northerner

    #1, brought to us by the NEA and government controlled education system, which ensures unprepared and ignorant adults in the workplace and society. Decisions have consequences.

  • NavyAdam

    #23 gives new meaning to "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link!" lol

  • Katie

    #12 Tongues with the white stuff on them are disgusting and the piercings make it 10 times worse.

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