Getting a tattoo is a major decision. It seems you chose WRONG. (29 photos)


Click HERE to see some crazy back tattoos!

  • Tyrone wallingham



  • methinks

    most are fail but zombie homer is pure win.

  • robsterling

    I think you have a bat in the cave.

  • Wavien

    #12 I have a faint idea that he worships Satan :o

  • Carlos SLB

    #17 and # 21 i don´t see nothing wrong with this two

  • KMC

    Shiya Leboof..hahahahahaha no wayy : D

  • Karl

    A lot of these are hit-or-miss for me. Some of these are really well done. I definately agree with quite a few of them as being very bizarre or poorly done. My big question: What's wrong with # 28? That's a really well done portrait…and those are hard to do that well.
    If it's a celebrity that I don't recognize, then I totally understand it being on the list. If it's not though, for all we know it might be the kid's mom or sister or something. Quite often portraits are done for someone who's passed away, and if this is a family member who's passed, right on! This kid found the right tatto artist to memorialize her.

  • saint_stephen

    I know #10, he's a nice guy…

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #28 by far is the most stupid thing you can do…is put a chick on you are a dude….

  • Lisa

    My Dad wasn't thrilled when he saw mine. But even he "LOL'ed" (yeah, my Dad lol'ed) at some of these. Apparently, I chose well for subject matter, location, and artist. :)

  • Mike Litorus

    #16 is pretty bad ass!!!

  • Bean

    Think of how proud his parents are when he comes home for Christmas dinner.

  • AWK

    Fallout rules

  • gaptgo

    chucky emo hilter. . . why u look so sad?

  • Bee

    #4, #12, and #19 made me piss my pants a little. Then #20 came and it was all over from there…

  • Manda

    Where do these people work? Like for a living?

  • Inger Royer

    the tattoo artist's fault on most of these its the stupid ideas ppl have! #27 has some examples of absolute shit tattoos!

  • lemonDorito

    #4 #12 #24 Disgusting.

  • brndnhlbrk

    is #28 angela from the office? lol

  • Meg

    #4 looks like Chris griffin

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